Hello neighbors,

First, we hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy with the current pandemic. The board
members have still been in contact via email, text, and phone calls to make sure we are sticking to our
goal of making improvements to the subdivision. We have been in contact with our lawyers since late
last year in order to update our documents. Very soon, we should have some results and we are hoping
to get voting started on making some changes that were requested. One of the changes we hope to
implement is allowing more features online, such as voting and payments. Thank you again for filling
out the surveys that came with your dues letter. We had a great response and below are the results.
Survey Results:
  • Communication- The majority of homeowners voted to receive communication via email. Going forward, most communication will be sent through the website. Please register so your email address is on file. Once registered, you can control how much information is sent to your email. Dues will still be mailed.
  • Community Improvements- Below is a list of community improvement requests written from those that received the most votes to the least. Improvement suggestions that were written in by community members are also included on this list.
    • Fences
    • Ponds
    • Islands
    • 135th and Van Dyke corner
    • Tree planting/ removal
    • Community Events
    • Entrance Signs
    • Kids playground
    • Less spending/ detailed budget
    • Online payments
    • Lights for all islands
    • Allow skating on ponds
    • Ban of blue/daylight exterior lights
    • Gates at entrances
    • Neighbors maintain their yards

We still have a small number of homeowners that have not paid their dues. If you have not paid, please
do so. If you have any questions about payments, please reach out to the board via email.

Unfortunately, with the current situation and likely changes to our lifestyles going forward we have
canceled future community events involving our subdivision. Hopefully, we can come up with some
creative ways to get the community involved while complying with guidelines and recommendations in
the near future.